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Prior Art Search.

Comprehensive search services to evaluate your innovation's uniqueness in 90 countries and 10 languages:

  • novelty / patentability search
  • sequence and structure search
  • FTO / clearance search
  • validity / invalidity / opposition search

Patent Prosecution.

Extensive range of services to concretely protect your intellectual property by registering it with a jurisdiction:

  • patent application drafting
  • patent proofreading
  • patent filing – WIPO & India
  • office action response

Patent Analytics.

Analytical watchdog services to constantly evaluate current worth of your intellectual property in an ever changing technology landscape to help make crucial business decisions:

  • technology / patent landscapes
  • SWOT analysis
  • competitive intelligence / benchmarking
  • white space analysis
  • patent portfolio analysis / tracking
  • patent valuation studies

Patent Enforcement.

Various support services to facilitate monetization of your intellectual property:

  • infringement searches / assessment
  • claim mapping, charting
  • identifying target companies
  • evidence of use
  • licensing opportunities identification
  • IP brokerage / sale support

Trademark & Copyright.

Trademark and copyright registration in India to protect your business strongly by multiple IPR mechanisms:

  • trademark search
  • trademark such as name, logo registration
  • copyright registration